What To Wear To Salsa Clubs: Women’s Style Guide

There is nothing more fun and exciting than a great Salsa night out in a club. Thought about what to wear that evening is probably lingering in your mind, and you stumbled across this article. This article will guide all ladies through the decision-making process of what to wear and what to avoid wearing when going out to Salsa dancing. 

What should women wear to the Salsa clubs or other Salsa parties? Women should dress up as they would typically when going out to a regular dance night out. The key is to find the balance between looking chic and being comfortable. Proper Salsa dance shoes are essential when going out Salsa dancing. 

Before going to any club, check for the dress code. Most Salsa clubs don’t have a particular dress code, but it would be good to call them ahead of time or check online if they have a dress code or perhaps a themed night that evening. 

Choosing The Perfect Outfit For Salsa Night

Choosing a perfect outfit for a Salsa night out sets the tone for the rest of the night. So don’t hesitate to take your time and choose the wardrobe wisely. Whatever you choose, it is important that you feel attractive and comfortable in it. 

I want to note that there are no specific rules on what you can wear, but I will provide you with tips and guidelines that will make you look and feel great throughout the night. So stay tuned 🙂 

Salsa Dance Shoes

Proper Salsa dance shoes are essential when going Salsa dancing in clubs. As you may have anticipated, you will be spending long hours on your feet standing and dancing. Salsa dancing has a high impact on your feet due to its fast spins and turns. You must provide your feet the best comfort during the evening. 

Salsa dance shoes have a suede sole that allows friction and sliding without slippage. They are very flexible, comfortable, lightweight, and durable. 

Latin dance shoes have a unique sole and heel shape that allows you to dance with confidence while being secure and safe. The heel is perfectly designed to place your weight over the proper part of your foot. 

Lastly, treat Salsa dance shoes as a piece of safety equipment because if the shoes are not tight and snug around your feet, you could injure yourself or your dance partner. 

If you have been going to salsa lessons for a while now, and it is your first time at a Salsa dance party, you can check here the best recommendations for Salsa dance shoes. Even if you are not that new to Salsa dancing, you can also find a wide variety of perfect pairs of Salsa dance shoes for you. 

Right outfit

Choosing the right outfit can depend significantly on what you feel the most comfortable wearing and how much you plan to party. 

Since Salsa is a fast-paced dance style, I would suggest wearing darker colored and patterned outfits because they won’t show sweat too much. 

The best option would be to wear cotton or natural fibers because it dries quickly. If you are prone to sweating and it bothers you, apply an antiperspirant that blocks sweat. 

Investing in a good antiperspirant can help you stay dry during the entire Salsa night. It is well known that antiperspirants are not the healthiest option. However, Certain Dry Everyday Strenght Clinical antiperspirant contains a 20% aluminum zirconium complex which is considered safe and effective for regular use. This antiperspirant comes with the doctor’s approval, who say this long-lasting formula is great for heavy sweaters. 

Top 5 Outfits To Wear To Salsa Social Dancing 

Here are my top five outfit ideas that every girl should have in her closet for Latin social events. 

Outfit No. 1: Fancy Dress 

Going to a Salsa club allows you to wear an outfit that is both chic and sexy. The most stylish outfit to wear at a club is a dress. When it comes to stunning club attire, dresses are trendy and perfect because there are many styles and cuts that are suitable for all body types. 

Recommendation: Knitee Women’s Cocktail Dress

This dress is elegant, sexy, and comfortable. Deep cut at the bottom gives away that sexy edginess that Latin dance is famous for. Any woman would look stunning spinning on the dance floor in this dress. 

 The split shows leg while walking and is perfect for Salsa because the dress won’t pull up while dancing. The fabric is stretchy, which is what we need when dancing because we don’t want to keep pulling down the dress and look uncomfortable the entire evening. 

Also, the material is thick enough and will not expose sweat stains while you are busting those steamy Salsa moves. 

Finally, the dress comes in many different colors to choose from! 

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Outfit No. 2: Black Dress

Every woman has to have at least one simple black dress in their closet. You can always dress it up or dress it down with jewelry and shoes. It is an excellent outfit if you are not feeling super creative about what to wear or are tight with time. 

A classic look would be a little black dress, specifically a strappy dress that emphasizes your figure and fashionable dance shoes. If you want to wear an edgy outfit, choose a dress with a plunging neckline or a deep back cut. 

Recommendation: Calvin Klein Women’s Sleeveless Round Neck Fit and Flare Dress

You can’t go wrong with this sexy and chic little black dress made by Calvin Klein. The dress is very simple, so it is easy to dress it up with jewelry and a pair of mind-blowing dance shoes. The best part of this dress is that it is wide at the bottom, and it will not pull up while dancing. You will feel beautiful, sexy, and comfortable the entire night. 

If you fall in love with this dress (and I am sure you will), there are many more colors and styles to choose from if you want to switch it up for another Latin dance night. 

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Outfit No. 3: Summer Dress

Depending on where you live but during hot summer months, you could wear a sexy and chic summer dress with a nice pair of Salsa dance shoes

Wear a light summer dress made of fabrics that breathes to avoid getting hot and sweaty while dancing at the club. Consider wearing a nude or white strappy summer dress with cute Salsa dance shoes. 

You can also wear a bandeau with a midi skirt and heels. If you are feeling daring, you can add neon colors to your outfit to make it pop.

Recommendation: MSLG Women’s Elegant Floral Lace Sleeveless Short Cocktail Party Dress 

This beautiful summer dress would be an excellent choice for a summer Salsa party at a club. It is made of lightweight material and is very breathable and comfortable. Just pair it up with stunning summer dance shoes and chic jewelry, and you are ready for an unforgettable summer night out. 

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Outfit No. 4: Pair Of Leggings and a Top

If you have a nice pair of black leggings, you can dress it up with a fancy top, jewelry, and stunning Salsa dance shoes. It is essential to get high-quality leggings. Get a pair of high-waisted leggings that hug your body nicely, and don’t ride down. High-waisted leggings are more likely to stay in the place, unlike lower-raised leggings. Lower-raised leggings are more likely to slide down, and you will end up being uncomfortable because you will keep pulling them up. 

Pairing up high-waisted leggings with a fancy top would make your whole outfit stunning. 

Recommendation: Everbellus Sexy Women’s Faux Leather High Waisted Leggings

Nothing is sexier than pair of leather leggings, especially when Salsa dancing. These skinny leather leggings are full length with a high waist. They feature a soft, stretchy faux leather material that provides a comfy and slimming fit that makes you look sexy and charming. 

Pair these leather leggings with a sexy black bodysuit, and you will look stunning. If you are not comfortable with a bodysuit, you could also consider neatly tucking in your white button-down shirt into your leather leggings. The best part is that you don’t have to worry much about the color of accessories, jewelry, shoes, bag, or even the leather leggings themselves since it’s already white.

Check Price Here for leather leggings

Check Price Here For Bodysuit 

Outfit No. 5: Something Trendy

A trendy jumpsuit with fancy pair of Salsa dance shoes would be an excellent choice. Jumpsuits are very comfortable and chic, but the reality is that it is bothersome taking them off if you have to go to the toilet. 

Recommendation: Women’s Sexy Jumpsuits Elegant Long Sleeve Straight Long Pants Clubwear

This black and elegant jumpsuit would be an ideal option for a Salsa night out. It hugs the body nicely, and when paired up with your favorite jewelry and gorgeous dance shoes, you could expect to have a great night ahead of you. 

Besides this black jumpsuit, there are other styles and colors to choose from. 

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What To Avoid Wearing To A Salsa Party

Now that we have covered what to wear to a Salsa club let’s touch the base of what not to wear. You will have a great night ahead of you by avoiding these common mishaps. 

  • Avoid tight skirts or dresses

Try to avoid any uncomfortable clothes when you move around. For example, avoid dresses and skirts that are too tight and short. As soon as you start dancing, your dress or skirt will pull up, and you will end up pulling it down and adjusting and will look and feel very uncomfortable. 

Test your outfit at home before leaving. Once you put a dress or skirt you had in your mind for that evening, try to dance in it. If it pulls up when you start dancing, it would be a good idea to reconsider your outfit choice. 

  • Avoid anything that encumbers you

You should stay away from any piece of clothing that encumbers you. For example, flowy outfits and bell sleeves can get in the way of your partner dancing with you comfortably and without any obstacles. You should avoid baggy tops with oversized sleeves because your partner could get tangled in there. 

  • Avoid loose dangling jewelry

Loose and dangling jewelry is very annoying and could cause an injury on the dance floor. Huge pieces of accessories such as hoop earning could cause an injury because it is very easy for a hand and finger to pull it out from your ear while dancing. Ensure to choose earrings that are easy to take off but at the same time stay on securely. That way, you won’t run a risk of injuring your ear or losing an earring. 

Avoid wearing expensive jewelry to Salsa clubs or jewelry that has sentimental value to you because it is very easy to lose them while performing fast Salsa moves in a crowd.  

  • Avoid wearing glasses

If you can, avoid wearing glasses at Salsa clubs because it is very easy for someone to knock them off by accident during many Salsa routines and styles you and your dance partner perform. If possible, wear contact lenses instead. 

Final Words

The most important thing when going out to Salsa dancing is that you feel comfortable. Of course, you will want to dress up and look chic and sexy, but comfort is the priority. If you are not comfortable, you will not have a nice night out, and you will just want to go home and get into your comfy and cozy clothes. When I was putting the outfit ideas, comfort was the first thing in my mind. The five Salsa club outfits I have recommended are the perfect balance between looking chic, sexy, and comfortable. All of these outfit ideas are something I would personally wear on the Salsa night out. 

Happy dancing! 🙂 

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